Our Vision

Let’s go skateboarding!


Everything is better when you’re riding a skateboard!

Our aim is to ensure that Southampton and the surrounding areas are alive with the sights and sounds of citizens enjoying themselves through the art of skateboarding.

Some people call it a sport, others call it a lifestyle, whatever your choice of words, they will never truly explain exactly what skateboarding is or what it means to be a skateboarder. Often the only way to understand is to just go out and do it.

The excitement of rolling along for the first time or landing a trick on your 50th try brings a feeling that just can’t be found doing anything else.

Southampton and the surrounding areas is rich in skateboarding heritage but in recent years has sadly seen a slump in support which has left all the districts skateparks in a sorry state.

As part of the community we have decided to help kickstart campaigns to renovate these facilities and actively look for new ways to improve the access and engagement with these areas.

We believe building a skatepark and supportive infrastructure is just the start and we strive to collaborate with councils, communities, companies and charities to bring unforgettable memories to people on and off a board across our region (and beyond!)

That’s enough reading, lets go skate…